Cigar collection

The cigar, by the taste sensations it provides, and a certain bliss that takes its source in the contemplation of its blue curls, is the expression of a true art of living. Another product linked to a certain art of living: perfume. It shares with the cigar not only the olfactory pleasures of its discovery and its nuances, but also some secrets of elaboration. It is precisely this parallel between the nobility of the raw materials used in its fragrances, and that which governs the manufacture of the greatest cigars, which led Parour to imagine a range with a completely new concept: “CIGAR collection”. Inspired by the long and complex steps that precede the boxing of the famous cigars, the 9 “CIGAR collection” fragrances pay homage to the terroirs, also to the know-how and traditions of perfume craftsmen ... and of cigar. From the composition of the formula to its maturation through numerous tests to achieve near-perfection, the Parour house shares the same requirements. Official site

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