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Perfumes and cigars share a world brimming with the olfactory pleasures of discovery, aromas and secret formulations. Perfumes, just like fine wines and quality cigars, are created from the richnesses of the soil.
The most sophisticated of materials are used in their composition to produce a fragrance by excellence.
The original formulations selected for the “CIGAR Collection” range run are a tribute to the traditions of Haute Parfumerie.

The origins of the perfume are steeped in a desire for high-quality formulations developed from a wealth of natural raw materials including amber, white musk, Damask rose absolute and Gaiac wood essence.
With their vanilla, leather, spicy, plant and sensual aromas, the notes of these exceptional materials bear testimony to the beguiling sensuality and timeless variety of the fragrances.

Ever since its inception 30 years ago in Paris, Parfums Parour has demanded this quality requirement – no holds barred and no concessions granted. All our fragrances are made in FRANCE.

The laborious processes that have to be carried out before the famous cigars can be boxed (9 months), are represented by the 9 first fragrances in the “CIGAR Collection” selection paying tributenot only to the soil but also to the know-how and traditions of perfumers and ...cigar manufacturers.

But also because Luxury is having the choice. The choice between the Excellence – the first collection of exclusive perfumes offering a vast selection & the highest quality of fragrances, highly concentrated and long lasting, at a reasonable price

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