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With a delicious, sensual hint at the male fragrances, the four feminine perfumes in the “CIGAR” range add an innovative design, reminiscent of cigar boxes, to their packaging, reflecting the excellence of the raw materials they contain.

There are also numerous allusions to the world of gastronomy: many delicious “mouth-watering”, “appetising”, “sugary” notes entice you to sample the fragrances. Aromas that are both exotic and familiar add a multi-sensory dimension thanks not only to the richness of the fragrances but also to the sight and touch: this 100% feminine “cigar box” adds sheer sensual sophistication and refinement on all fronts.
The bottles, which contain 90 ml, are made from innovative, resistant, plastic material known as POM. Each bottle is sealed in a polished aluminium case with either flamboyant (gold and silver), pastel (pink) or decidedly delicious (chocolate) colours.

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