Parfums Parour, emotional Creator

Parfums Parour is a family success story that has stood out for nearly a century in the magical world of perfumery.
Our vocation is perfumery, dreaming up olfactory designs, translating the ethereal and fleeting beauty of these fragrances, revealing the mysteries and secrets of this alchemy, mastering the mixes, and controlling proportions.We dedicate a hymn to a woman, an infinitely assured woman preferring today's desires to tomorrow's dreams. We exist solely for her, the incarnation of contemporary elegance and timeless style.
Boldly and generously, we celebrate each day the beauty and charm of men and women the world over. As witnesses and players involved in the changing fashions, we take inspiration, innovate, and tame this invisible but eternally present finery :  perfume.

The Company

In 1986, Parfums Parour opened in the heart of Paris, famous as the world capital of fashion and elegance, and since this time the company is recognized worldwide in over 70 countries, on all continents.

Our main purpose is to live up to our ambitions while continuously reinventing and offering brilliant collections in line with our brands.

We dare to mix materials, ranging from elegant to inspiring. Therefore, it is not surprising that we count many stars among our fans. Internationally renowned, Parfums Parour also creates perfumes for well-known personalities, and their perfumes continue to be talked about.

With our intense passion, we make the dream and mystery of Perfume available to the general public.


Parour, the creator

We are creator of perfumes, and therein lies our prestige. Flexible, receptive and innovative, we initiate and anticipate the trends of tomorrow.

Assisted by the best designers, and the top noses, we create forms and textures, especially harmonious scents. Along with the most prestigious partners, we are developing collections that speak the universal language of emotion reflecting the intensity of beauty and enigmatic seduction. They reveal the many facets of life and personality.


Parour, the Requirement of Expertise

Lovers of smells know this: the earth has no boundaries when it is a case of searching for the best of nature. For more than sixty years, the MAISON PAROUR, whose success is based for the most part on its family values, and on transmission of the latter, cultivates a requirement which is expressed by the constant search for excellence: plants, flowers, woods, resins and spices, gathered in the five continents and going into the House fragrances are duly checked, tested and validated before being integrated into the formulae.
No risky origins, no purchases of materials the sourcing of which has not been strictly established: the regions where the ingredients originate from, which are weighed, handled and assembled by perfumers, are all recognised for their excellence. And well before their packaging and shipping to the laboratories, their planting, growth and harvest then of course their extraction and distillation are at the centre of the company’s concerns: since its creation, Parour makes this quality requirement imperative, with no limitations or concessions.

But the House’s vocation is not limited to this quest for the finest and most effective raw materials: devising olfactory designs, expressing the immaterial and furtive aesthetic of these emanations, managing the mixtures and dominating the proportions representing the main duties that the enterprise concentrates on.
Since its creation, Parour has not ceased to permanently reinvent, so as to propose to its clients ranges as varied as they are endowed with personalities. From composition of the formula to its maturation going through numerous tests to achieve near-perfection, the ambition of the perfumers of the House is expressed in a desire to marry elegance with inspiration.
Following the example of the great couturiers and the tradition of famous "custom-made" items, Parour knows better than anyone how to "dress" its perfumes, from the initial line of their formulas until packaging into bottles and cases, by relying on this unique mixture of craftsmanship and reactivity which is its strength. On top of everything, sound values, carriers of emotions, do not exclude the boldness of the combination of materials, and trends are set rather than followed.