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A range of 5 fragrances, packaged in brushed and ringed aluminium boxes, ranging from deep black to ebony brown via gold, green and chrome: a blend of colours reminiscent of a box of carefully selected cigars, presenting distinctive, “wrapper leaf” shades ranging from dark to lighter hues. As subtle as the flavours and odours of the tobacco used in quality cigars, the fragrances in the CIGAR range accompany the men who wear them in their quest to reach their goals and in their most intimate moments. Just like a cigar, intense with no holds barred when it comes to aromas. The mark of discreet, tranquil luxury intended for true connoisseurs.

CIGAR and its 5 masculine fragrances emanate 5 distinctive, aromatic scents. Common denominators include sensuality and richness, diversity and elegance. These are definite values which never cease to surprise, not least because of their bold notes.