The New Collection By Fouquet’s is a True Ode to Timeless Elegance Whether it is history, tradition or know-how, a fragrance is unique. It reminds us of a memory, a special moment, a meeting ... Its subtle and rare notes belong to both refinement and luxury, like Fouquet's, the famous Parisian brasserie and hotel located on the most beautiful avenue in the world, rubbed shoulders with the biggest stars such as Alain Delon, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Grant, Jean Dujardin, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Winslet, Isabelle Adjani, etc. The French-made by Fouquet’s collection was born from the meeting between the know-how of Maison Parour and this resolutely mythical signature belonging to Lucien Barrière Hotels and Casinos. The original scents of this collection have been worked by the most famous noses of Grasse. It is composed of perfumes, dry oil, scented candles, soap,… rich in both familiar and exotic aromas, is an invitation to travel and to discover or rediscover the codes of the French art of living. See the official Fouquets perfume website

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