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Fouquet’s has partnered with Parfums Parour, the prestigious perfumer, to launch its very first collection of harmonious scents. A distinctive line of delicate fragrances featuring five perfumes (two for women, two for men and a unisex eau de toilette).

A collection crafted in France and conceived in collaboration with leading perfumers to produce exclusive notes that perfectly represent the blend of tradition and refinement Fouquet's is famed for offering on the world's finest avenue, the Champs Elysées in Paris.

These novel fragrances, laden with familiar and exotic notes, are an invitation to travel and to discover or rediscover the secrets to the art of fine living, a philosophy which Fouquet’s Barrière holds dear: uncomplicated excellence, a subtle blend of tradition and modernity, and endless luxury.

The superior-quality, heavy, extra-white glass bottles (255g as opposed to the usual retail size of 130g) are beautifully decorated with hot stamping and metallised varnish. The caps come in either surlyn, for a beautiful transparent effect, or zamac, for a luxurious finishing touch.